R.O.O.T.S. invites guest speakers to monthly meetings. Topics address specific issues re-entering citizens face, including rights restoration, substance abuse, employment challenges and many other topics.

R.O.O.T.S. can also speak at your next event. Our speakers deliver compelling talks about the cause of re-entry and overcoming recidivism.

Guest Speakers

ROOTS hosts a variety of engaging and motivational guest speakers twice a month. By describing their life experiences after re-entry or within the judicial system, speakers give recently released individuals hope and real examples of how to “get out and stay out.” Recent speakers include:

  • Delegate Joe Morrisey is a passionate advocate for restoration of rights. He advocates for individuals convicted of felonies and the restoration of their rights so they can vote, run for office and expand their horizons.
  • Enrique Pascal is an author, radio host and former entertainment promoter. He gives motivational speeches on healing broken relationships.
  • Charlie Schmidt, an attorney for People’s Law of Richmond, PLLC, is a passionate and outspoken advocate for “ban the box,” an initiative to remove the question on city job applications that asks about prior convictions.

Speaking Engagements

ROOTS leaders regularly provide motivational speeches to a variety of audiences stressing the value of education and staying in school, and offering hope to incarcerated individuals for life after release, and challenging the general community to re-think biases against incarceration. Invite a ROOTS leader to speak at your organization.

Some our recent speaking engagements include visits to Virginia State, Oak Hill Academy, Rubicon, Probation & Parole, local churches, and many area schools. To request a speaker for your event, contact us »