Job Services

One of the most important indicators for individuals to “get out and stay out” is employment. Being employed substantially reduces the risk of recidivism and increases the health of our communities. R.O.O.T.S. offers works one-on-one with individuals on job searches, resume help, online job applications and computer training:

Job Readiness Program

At the Welcome Home Center, we help individuals to identify potential jobs, create and build resumes, create email accounts and fax documents and complete job applications. Whether it’s a first meeting or the first day on the job, we help individual prepare with mock interviews, research and even job attire. Many individuals need basics such as access to a phone and/or computer to land a job. We also help connect individuals to learning and certification programs to help them advance their careers.

Our employment services include:

  • job searches
  • computer help with online job applications
  • mock interviews
  • assessing and identifying training needs
  • resume building
  • professional attire


R.O.O.T.S. helps individuals develop job skills and supports entrepreneurial ventures. Here, a former R.O.O.T.S. member has started his own food vending business and a new life.
We believe that people with past records often make great entrepreneurs because of their natural leadership, teambuilding and people skills. “We often say, change the product, not the hustle,” jokes executive director, Travis Mines. Travis and others believe that re-entering individuals often have the talent and business savvy it takes to start a small business — particularly if their talents and skills can be redirected towards legal enterprises. At R.O.O.T.S., we help individuals explore and identify potential entrepreneurial opportunities. We help them get the certifications, licenses and/or business requirements necessary to start their own business. Many of our members have started successful businesses in professional cleaning services, cosmotology, food vending, carpentry and other areas of service.

Computer Lab

We offer seven computers, internet, fax and telephone access to job applicants and recently released citizens. We help members use the computers to complete online job applications, create resumes, and learn basic computer skills needed for many of today’s jobs.