City Jail is Improving

Richard Sparrow

Republished from The Richmond Voice, March 18, 2009

I am writing to you because I want the public to know about the positive things Richmond Sheriff C.T.Woody, Jr. and his staff is doing and trying to do here. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some improvements that kneed to be made, however the shefiff has been making strides to do so.

i have been here for 18 months and there are now less people sleeping on floors, more people getting their G.E.D.s and the jail seems to be becoming less violent.

The sheriff is pushing rehabilitation in his efforts to [reduce] the recidivism rate here. He has many different programs that afford us the opportunity to help ourselves. There are the male and female BELIEF programs (Drug Therapeutic Tiers), the McCovery Tier (Therapeutic), education Tier and there is a 25]-year-old and younger tier that’s designed to encourage young incarcerated men to educate themselves and live amongst each other peacefully.

There are also many other programs we can attend to help ourselves such as: AA/NA (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous), ballroom dancing (leadership, spirituality through dancing), domestic violence and anger management, fatherhood, great expectation, customer service, computer learning courses and leadership development. Then there are the many different guest speakers that he allows to come here to offer services, since their experiences, and help us make successful transitions back into society. I just want everybody to know that Sheriff Woody’s programs that help us turn our lives around so that we never have to come back here again.